Apex Legends – A New Free To Play Battle Royale Game

Apex Legends

Straight out of a classy Battle Royale, Epic comes out with the new release by Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts. Titled Apex Legends, this ultra-cool Battle Royale saga redefines gamification and thrilling gameplay like never before. The game was released on 4th of February 2019 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in a surprise announcement by the developers. It features an impressive slew of in-game entities, special weapons, great character customization, a gripping multiplayer mode and modish collectibles that will have you pining for more replays.

Although Apex Legends boasts a conventional battle plot, there are hardly any moments that remind you of a humdrum routine you have ever across before. The developers have done a great job at improvising its elements and morphing them through ingenuity to offer a unique and highly entertaining playing experience.

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Apex Legends gameplay
Apex Legends Gameplay on PS4

This first-person shooter includes hero shooting perspectives packaged in a buoyant plot with characters expertly crafted to offer a real-life feel. Having Titanfall backdrop, the game includes an expansive game map featuring a number of cities & towns and 8 different character categories to choose from. The story involves you playing as part of a 3-team squad battling with teams to become the last team standing. The challenging quests and gritty missions pit you against ferocious foes and teams of up to 100 players. While you explore the game world moving from location to location, you gather loot, resources to build fortifications, unlockables to move your character up further and battling other opponents for the winner’s slot.

Modes & Features

The highlight of Apex Legends is obviously the 8 legendary characters you can pick from. These include Lifeline – a combat medic, Pathfinder – a forward scout, Gibraltar – a shielded fortress, Wraith – an interdimensional skirmisher, Bangalore – a professional soldier, Caustic – a toxic trapper, Bloodhound – a technological tracker and Mirage – a holographic trickster. The game also offers you the flexibility to customize your avatar’s appearance, apparels, skins and voice lines. Another interesting thing is the Ping feature, which has caught the gamers’ attention. The feature works best for gamers with no mic or those who prefer night time gaming. With this, you can ping your buddies, send instructions to teammates, loot various locations, share location details, and tag different objects and your group members. It works like a backup for voice-chat communication. Once you ping them, your tagged objects or on-screen entities appear on the game map along with the HUD, so your squad can easily notice them.

The multiplayer mode includes a continuously shrinking damage-inflicting circle and a core match titled ‘Champion’. You have to take down a tough opponent to get access to the next stage. Lastly, Revive player mechanics is a splendid addition. Using this, you can restore a squad member after they’ve been killed by completing a 10-second time-bound challenge that involves snagging the player’s unique identifier banner.

You can also avail exciting powerups like Apex Packs comprising of randomized cosmetic items in loot boxes and battle passes to snag rewards. You can also unlock items to step up your stats. Moreover, lethal artillery and a nice array of weapons are at your disposal. These include grenades, shotguns, various healing items, shields regenerators and acrobatic moves like gliding down hilly trails or slope sliding without taking damage.

Similar to popular hero shooter title, Overwatch, this popular game packs a solid punch when it comes to intense adventure-borne shooting sequences, fantastic gaming dynamics, snazzy graphics, and an engaging battle play. All in all, it is a complete package equipped with panoptic gaming features to keep you hooked on to your screens for hours of fun play.