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In order to level up quick in OSRS, Fragrr helps you in getting all the items whether they are tradable or not through an easy and efficient system. As the OSRS items sometimes become rare and at other times, take hours and a lot of effort to be acquired and collected, it is better to invest a little bucks to buy them and speed up the game.

RuneScape 2007 items for sale

Old School RuneScape is one of the most popular multiplayer online games. It was released in February, 2013 by Jagex. Since then, the quality, graphics and content have been improved along with its increasing player base.

Old School RuneScape (2007) Items

Some items in the OSRS are tradable while others are non-tradable. Most of the tradable items can be traded in-game between the players through ‘Grand Exchange’. The tradable items that cannot be traded in-game need another medium. Similarly, the items that are non-tradable can be bought and sell out of the game.

To ease the buying and selling of such items, Fragrr is here to help! OSRS has a vast range of items such as such as armors, weapons, construction material, crafting items, farming items, fire-making items, hunter items, quest items, runes, mining items, ammunition material and a lot more equipment to facilitate the players.


Weapons in Old School RuneScape are categorized into Melee, Ranged and Magic.

Melee weapons come in different types of material such as copper, bronze, iron, steel etc. These weapons can perform three basic functions: Slash, Stab and Crush. Different Melee weapons can perform different functions and the range and effect of the attack vary as well. Some of the prominent melee weapons are Dragger, swords, scimitar, two-handed sword, spears, claws and halberd.

Magic weapons are required to cast spells in the Combat such as lunar staff, Teacher wand, Trident of the Seas, Kodai wand and Battle staves.

Ranged weapons are used for long range and effective attacks. The prominent ranged weapons of RuneScape are Red Chinchompa, Armadyl crossbow and Heavy ballista.


The ammunitions are also important as you are not only going to attack but to get attacked as well. These include various Arrows, Bows and Javelins.

Quest items:

These are used, acquired or built only during quests. Some of these are unlocked after fulfilling quests and need to be purchased such as Dragon longswords and Rune platebodies. Mostly, the quest items are non-tradable and at the same time, are significant to complete the quests and level up.

The list of items along with gold and coin in OSRS runs long but to be precise, each item is important to attain the game objectives. As mentioned, there are many items for which Grand Exchange does not work. No worries! Fragrr is developed to assist you in every way.

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In order to level up quick, Fragrr helps you in getting all the items whether they are tradable or not through an easy and efficient system. As the items sometimes become rare and at other times, take hours and a lot of effort to be acquired and collected, it is better to invest a little bucks to buy them and speed up the game.

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About Old School RuneScape

Each player controls a single character and comes across many objects, items and entities. There are two game modes offered by Old School RuneScape:


As the name suggests, it takes you back in the iron-age and no economic exchange is allowed. It is a single player mode and the player has to explore the game world on his own. Players need to be self-sufficient as no trade is allowed.


Released in 2015, it is comparatively an advanced mode with high level experiences and player to player interaction and combat. While playing, the players can come under NPCs (monsters) attacks and be killed. If a player is killed or dies, he loses some of his experience points and has to give up on 5 of his skills.


The game is played by utilizing some special skills offered by the game. These are a total of 27 skills which include melee, magic, fishing, thieving, agility, mining, fletching, cooking, woodcutting, summoning, smithing, farming, invention, divination and many more. The items are then available according to these skills.