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Fragrr is the best opportunity to buy and sell Fortnite items such as wraps, pickaxes, weapons, gliders and emotes. Fortnite is the most adventurous E- sport currently. It was released in 2017 on PS4, Xbox One and PC with two game modes initially. In 2018, it released its third mode. With only two years since release, more than 130 million players are into Fortnite. As with every game, some are complete beginners while others are experts.

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Now, coming to the main point, these items sometimes become rare and at other times, take hours and a lot of effort to hunt down in the map. The one who finds them quickly gets nearer to winning the game. For that, make sure you have a large collection of all the items needed to kill maximum numbers of enemies and husks, and survive the disasters.

Available Fortnite Items for Sale

The list of Fortnite items is quite long and complex. Some of the items include pickaxes, gliders, wraps, emotes and weapons. As you can find all of these at Fragrr, we are glad to list them down for you:

Crafting items:

As crafting and building are the central and most significant elements of the game, you need to collect as many building items and weapons as needed to make sure you do not lose.


Fortnite weapons fall into two categories: Ranged and Melee.

Ranged weapons include following:

  • Assault rifles – The best guns to make automatic fires that easily hit enemies.
  • Shotguns – These low stability but high recoil guns make perfect shots.
  • Pistols – These guns do not need to be sidelined as they are best to target for headshots causing high damage.
  • Sniper Rifles – If aimed carefully and precisely, these have the potential to kill enemy in a single hit.
  • Explosives weapons – These include Bazooka, Thumper, and Grenade Launcher and can definitely get you to the win.

The Melee weapons include:

  • Swords – These sharpest swords like Blazing Masamune, Broadsword, and Stormblade are most effective if combined with some Ninja skills.
  • Axes – Don’t mistake them as slow and short ranged because they hit really hard.
  • Spears – The spears like Dragon Spear, Hydraulic Spear, and Head Clipper are the best weapon to hit many enemies in a single row.
  • Scythes – Some devastating scythes like Reaper Scythe, Elegant Scythe, and Laser Scythe may turn out to be slow but have a great impact


These are included in Fortnite Battle Royale. Some of the most deadly traps are Cozy Campfire, Damage Trap and Launch Pad. These are used to trap and kill the husks and enemies.


To stay in the game, you need a longer life and good health. The consumables like Apples, Bandages, Bush, Chug Jug, Med Kits, Port- A- Fort, Shield Potions and Slurp Juices are there to make sure that you keep going across the game and make it to the win.

Why Use The Fragrr Marketplace?

If you want to fast forward the game, it’s better to invest a little on buying these items rather than going around the map dozen of times to find them here and there. On our part, we have made sure that all of these items are available at Fragrr. The task on your part is to sign up and look for the sellers who offer your desirable items.

Safe Marketplace

As Fragrr is a player-to- player interaction platform, there is no fear of being scammed. Being in the gaming niche for years ourselves, we know how to deliver the best without any fears of hacks and fraud. For this purpose, we have developed a system to help protect your account with multiple security layers for both buyers and sellers to maintain a positive online repute in form of ratings and reviews. You can look for the seller who suits best to your needs and has a positive rating.

Affordable Items

Moreover, you will find the cheapest and most affordable Fortnite items at Fragrr. The delivery system is easiest and efficient one. Just that you need to coordinate with your seller in a good way. Whether the transfer of items take place through Direct In-game Delivery, Indirect Delivery via the In-game Mailbox, Account Sharing or Self Play, we make sure you are delivered right on time. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and begin looking for the items that you need to speed up and level up your game as soon as possible.

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Well, there’s more to Fragrr than what it offers to buyers. It has also brought an exciting opportunity to become a Fortnite items seller. If you are a Fortnite expert or an enthusiastic gamer, you must have a number of accounts running with the most classic and badass items players are searching for.

What’s better than turning your passion into source of income? With Fragrr, you can keep on playing and keep on selling the items. As you are aware of the items most needed to win the game, you know what most in demand is. Make sure you have those items in store for the buyers. With Fragrr, selling is easy. We need experienced and professional sellers to assist the buyers in every possible way. If you are an enthusiasts, you would know how to tackle and deal the buyer’s needs. Also, you totally have it in your hand to maintain a good profile with positive ratings. Better the reviews, more the number of clients! So, what’s left to think about? Sign up now and put all your Fortnite items on sale to earn a handsome amount out of it.


Fortnite has very interesting gameplay. In the battlefield, players can team up to save their chunk of land from the husks, enemies and natural disasters such as storms. Each player can choose from one of the heroes offered in the game to be their character. These heroes are Soldiers (the all- rounders), Constructors (the best builders), Ninjas (the ideal fighters) and
Outlanders (the explorers). As the land consists of various structures and fortifications to build and protect themselves, there is a need to scavenge various items such as weapons, vehicles, traps, healing, shield portions and different building resources.