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With Fragrr, you can buy as many CSGO items, weapons, equipment, and skins as you want. Surely, you would love to increase your ranks and kill as many terrorists as you can, if you are a part of Counter Terrorists team. On the other hand, if you are a terrorist, you need to make some perfect headshot angles to make sure no hostage is rescued or no bomb is defused. For this purpose, you need the desired items first.

csgo skins for sale

Counter Strike: Global Offensive, a tactical shooter game, was released jointly by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. It is the fourth game in Global Strike series was originally released in August 2012. Even with over 6 years having passed, the gamer base is continuously increasing and we are seeing both young and adult lovers of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, shortly known as CSGO. Whether you are a beginner or a master, you can use Fragrr for buying and selling CSGO items.

Available CSGO Items

CSGO includes around a lot of items out of which 34 are just the weapons such as knives, rifles, SMGs, grenades, pistols as well as danger zone weapons and equipment. CSGO skins, keys, and sprays are also one of the important items in the game. In these categories, there are a lot of sub-items present as well. To win the game and become a Global Elite, you obviously need a lot of items in-store. Following is a brief description of the need and demand of these items.


CSGO skins are the most popular items. However, sometimes these become very rare while at other times, these are present in abundance. If you are looking for a reliable place to buy rarest CS:GO skins, you have landed at the right one. CSGO Skins range from AWP Graphite, P250 Asiimov, M4A1-S Hyper Beast, Fire Serpent, AK-47 Vulcan to the Operation Hydra Skin Collection. With the new ‘Operation Hydra’ update, new skins are the most in demand and so, get sold very soon. However, you do not need to worry as Fragrr sellers must have them for you!


There are several knives for the terrorists and counter terrorists specifically while some can be bought and used by both. To name some of them, stock knife, gold knife, spectral shiv, falchion knife are the popular ones.

Pistols, SMGs, Grenades, and Rifles:

For attacking the enemies or defending your hostages, the collection of pistols, rifles, grenades, and SMGs is always not enough. To make it to the win, you need to have at least some of them. Maybe the coins you have cannot get you enough of them in-game? No worries, Fragrr is here to help! With Fragrr, you will get affordable items.


Gears include some regular as well as mission gears. All the items included in this category help to protect yourself if attacked such as rescue kit, medi-shots, and heavy assault suits.

Why Buy CSGO Items from Fragrr?

As the tasks don’t seem to be perfectly easy and a one-time win, you need to get the most updated and new items. CSGO is not the same way casual as CS: 1.3 at all. It has more challenges, more difficult tasks. Taking a terrorist down or acquiring the golden knife has to be in a very skillful way using your top notch weapon. If you cannot find your desired item in the in-game store, our sellers have piles and piles collected.

Make sure you do not invest your money somewhere unreliable. Being in the business for quite some years now, we know how to save you from frauds and spammers. With Fragrr you do not have to worry as our escrow system takes care of that. It adds layers of security to your account so there remains no chance of theft or hack. You can always have a clean and efficient order.

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As Fragrr is a player-to-player interaction platform, we need sellers to provide all the required gaming items. For CSGO players, Fragrr brings the brightest opportunity to become an items seller. If you have been in the game for years or are already part of the Global Elite, you must have unwanted or unused items you want to put on sale. Not only this, Fragrr gives you a chance to keep playing and keep selling.

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Safe Marketplace

As we claim our sellers to be experienced and professional, you need to maintain a good reputation. For that, our escrow system is there. As soon as you sell an item, the buyer will rate and review you, which will be visible to everyone on Fragrr. As that is a key to attract more clients, make sure the ratings and reviews are positive. With Fragrr, selling is easy. As we take care of your earnings as well as ours, the seller charges are the lowest possible. So, sign up now and become a part of Fragrr community!


The game brings two teams against each other namely: the Terrorists and the Counter Terrorists. Both have different objectives in the same game mode and a game map. The Terrorists are supposed to plant a bomb or defend the hostages, depending on the game mode. Similarly, the Counter Terrorists are supposed to prevent the bomb from being planted or rescue the hostages. Now, this defending and attacking need some items of course. That’s where Fragrr steps in! You can find all the CSGO items here at amazing prices.