Black Desert Online Items & Gear for Sale

As there are a million concurrent players in BDO, it will be hard getting in the same lane. As a beginner, you need to invest a lot of time and effort to combat the master players. And for that, you need to level up quick. At least a level of 50 is a must to draw even with expert gamers of BDO. But you do not have to worry when a beneficial platform like Fragrr is there. We have bundles of BDO items amd gear in store for you from professional gamers and Black Desert Online experts.

BDO Gear for sale

Black Desert Online (BDO) is one of the best video games of all the time. It is developed by Pearl Abyss, a Korean video game developer. Its initial release was in 2015. BDO is a sandbox oriented multiplayer game which is centered at an open world of castle sieges and much more. BDO is available for PC and Xbox One.

About Black Desert Online

It is an action-based game which requires attacking, fighting, dodging and blocking enemies vigorously. The game is a whole new world offering various works such as housing, farming, trading and fishing, all that is required to live a real life.

Also, there are various Player versus Player (PvP) attacks and sieges, as well as battles over castles. Players have to build up their houses to survive, face the typhoons, and hide from monsters. The equipment and furnishing material are mainly available in the in-game store. At times, it is not possible to find your desired item there. That’s where Fragrr steps in.

Available BDO Items & Gear

BDO has a large number of items including Main Weapon, Secondary weapon, Awakening Weapon, Defence Gear, Accessories, Magical Crystal, Mount Gear, Gathering Tools and a lot more. The list of BDO items is quite long and complex. As you can find all of these at Fragrr, we are glad to list them down for you:


The three different kinds of weapon are present in BDO namely Main/Primary, Secondary and Awakening. Having these weapons is crucial as they directly influence the defense, endurance, speed and dodging skills of the player. It is important to have as many of them as you need to make sure you do not get harmed.


As Armor is not specific to any class in the game, it can be bought by anyone. That’s the main reason it ends up in the store very soon. No worries as Fragrr has a lot in store. You can purchase the armor of your choice at surprising rates.

Equipment & Accessories:

Some equipment such as weapons, helmets, gloves, boots, chest pieces and accessories such as belts, necklaces, rings, and earrings are quite durable. The sad part is that their durability decreases over time and at one point, it will be zero. This can take you towards losing the game. It takes silver at blacksmiths to repair them. It is better to have bundles of equipment and accessories than having get them repaired again and again. To get them repaired in exchange for silver, you can save your silver and buy these items at Fragrr at a lesser price.

Gathering Tools:

The list doesn’t end here. Gathering tools are another essential you need to win. These include Pickaxes, Fluid Collectors, Hoes, and various Knives and Axes. These items come in a variety of qualities. Higher quality tool means higher cost. There’s a big chance our sellers have collected a lot of them and have put them on sale! So, why not try Fragrr before spending your money and silver in-game?

Why BDO Gear & Items from Fragrr?

Turning towards the main point of focus, these items sometimes become rare and at other times, are a lot pricey. If you want to fast forward the game, it’s better to invest a little on buying these items rather than collecting them in the game.

As the one who has bundles of items gets nearer to winning the game, you surely want to be the one. For that, make sure you have a large collection of all the items needed to attack, fight and dodge the enemies. On our part, we have made sure that all of these items are available at Fragrr. The task on your part is to sign up and look for the sellers who offer your desirable items.

Safe Marketplace

As Fragrr is a player-to- player interaction platform, there is going to be no scam. As we ourselves have been in the gaming niche for years, we know how to deliver the best without any fears of hacks and fraud.

Cheap Black Desert Online Items

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