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ArcheAge items for sale

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Apex Items: Armor, Shields & Healing Items

The in-game ArcheAge items include two main things: ArcheAge Apex and ArcheAge Equipment.

ArcheAge Apex:

Apex is an in-game item which grants 1250 credits when opened. These can be sold to get gold, silver, copper, items or can be used as in-game currency. ArcheAge Apex are won at the end of each game in form of rewards and upon fulfilling quests. If you are lacking behind in winning the games, you can also buy ArcheAge Apex at the glyph Store with real-time currency or through the third party. At Fragrr, you do not have to worry about any scammers.


ArcheAge equipment includes Armors, Weapons, Enhancements and various accessories. Each item has a specific item quality according to the item’s damage, defense, stats and durability. Armors are of three types: Plate, Leather and Cloth. Each has its unique attributes and powers. Plate helps with the physical defense; Leather helps with the magical defense and Cloth helps with both.


Weapons range in their types. They are mainly one-handed, two-handed, ranged and shield. One-handed weapons include dagger, sword, axe, short spear, club etc. Two-handed weapon include Greatsword, Nodachi, Greataxe, Staff, Lance etc. Ranged weapons include different bows. Shields are also significant items that offer physical and magical defense. The damage level of each item varies.

Every weapon can put different levels of damage and have different capacity against armors. Therefore, you need to have a good collection of many weapons, armors and shields to use them as per the need in game. In order to collect many different items, you need to spend hours and hours on playing and winning. As it will take days and weeks of effort, Fragrr has brought a perfect and efficient alternative for you. You can now buy ArcheAge Apex and Equipment on Fragrr, a reliable and trustworthy platform.

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About ArcheAge

ArcheAge offers two types of modes, either you can fight against the sea monsters while protecting your ships and routes or the fight can be between the players.


It offers a naval combat where players have to take part in sea and land battles or have to ensure that the trade routes are secure. Combined with various skills, manpower, interesting weapons and ships, the game turns out to be really exciting.

ArcheAge also involves various activities to take part in the battles and survive such as farming, housing, mounting, buying and raising pets. However, you will be needing different ArcheAge items to make it to the win. No worries, Fragrr is here to help!


There are a total of 11 skills offered out of which each player can select three while playing the game. These skills include archery, auramancy, battlerage, defense, occultism, shadowplay, songcraft, sorcer, vitalism and witchcraft.