Apex Legends Gear for Sale on PS4, Xbox One & PC

The next thing a gamer wants after understanding the Apex Legends gameplay is to collect unlimited items to keep winning every level. As you need stacks and bundles of items to match the pace of Apex experts, you’ve landed at the right platform. To fulfill your need of rare Apex Legends items, Fragrr is here to help!

Apex Legends is one of the latest and most adventurous games of 2019. It has a mixed genre
battle royale and first-person shooter. As the game had no announcement or marketing prior to its release, it was a big surprise for esport lovers across the globe. It was directly released in
February, 2019 for MS Windows, PS4 and Xbox One.

You will be surprised to read that Apex Legends has broken the record of Fortnite with only 1 million players in first eight hours of its release, 10 million players in just three days, 25 million in the first week and 50 million in the first month. All of this was possible due to the interesting genre, attractive gameplay and a lot of game items in Apex Legends.

Rare Apex Items: Armor, Shields & Healing Items

Most of the Apex Legends items can be bought with the in-game currency. However, the in-game currency is not easy to be collected. Majority of times you have to buy it with the real currency.


Attachments are the items that increase and enhance the power of your weapons. The most common attachments include weapon stocks, magazines and various miscellaneous attachments needed for augmenting the recoil, firing rate or magazine size.


Consumables items include different Throwables, Health and Shields, and Ultimate Accelerant. Prominent Throwables include Arc star, Frag grenade and Thermite grenade. For better health and shield purposes, items like med kit, phoenix kit, shield battery etc. are present.


Gears are used to enhance abilities and skills of the players. These items include Backpack, Body Shield, helmet and knockdown shield.


Weapons are the most important items to play the game. These range from simple shotguns
and pistols to assault rifles and snipers.

Locked Characters:

Out of 8 characters in Apex Legends, two are locked. These are Caustic, a dangerous trapper and Mirage, the holographic trickster.

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