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In-game items for sale

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Why Purchase In-Game Inventory Items?

You can easily have much more fun when you play your favorite games. When you can have those rare items, when you have access to unlimited accessories and add-ons, different styles and methods to customize your character or experience levels you will have much more fun when you play.

Don’t bother wasting months upon months of time or years grinding trying to maximize your points levels or get to the latest items or add-ons. We understand that you have a real life.

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How Buying Digital Inventory Items Works

Search the Fragrr marketplace for professional sellers and services for the in-game items you want. Place your order and sit back and relax as your order is taken care of for you by a professional gamer.

You will work with professionals who have been tested and rated for accuracy, legitimacy, communication skills and you can read the reviews of other users and their experiences. We have a three step vetting system in place that removes any threats of malicious sellers or bad people selling junk.

Why Choose Fragrr Marketplace?

What the Fragrr marketplace offers you is unique access to professional gamers who are selling their items like loot boxes, skins, add-ons, accessories and more for the many major games that exist on various devices including PC and online networks.

Don’t settle having to play for hour after hour and really getting nowhere. If you are thinking of spending your cash on in-game upgrades then you can use our marketplace to gather the best goods and services from professional gamers for low and fair prices.

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Now with this marketplace you can get almost any game item you desire for a price. It really doesn’t matter what game you play or how you play it. We have a list of professional players who are logged into our special network and are personally vetted for professionalism and more that will you sell you items in your favorite games so you can have more fun.

Professional and Verified Sellers

At the Fragrr marketplace you have unlimited access to the world of in-store add-ons, accessories and items. Feel free to browse the selection of professional players and the things that they can offer you. Our network is completely secure and encrypted and your privacy is ensured.

Feel safe in placing an order and know that you will receive your goods and services or the seller will not get your money. We focus on honesty and integrity and you can feel confident with the Fragrr marketplace.

If you are ready find a professional from the list and choose to buy or sell items for the games you enjoy playing today on our secure and encrypted servers. As stated before our sellers have been tested and have gone through a review process that guarantees they are reliable.

You can also read the reviews and comments of other buyers and sellers to work with the best professionals. Place an order today and have more fun using the Fragrr marketplace right now.

Sell your own in-game items

Easily get paid with your favorite games when you sell in-game items for many of the best games currently available. It doesn’t matter if you play on a PC device, phone or one of the major gaming consoles.

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