Promoting your Marketplace Listing

make money with gaming

Learn how to promote your marketplace listing even further to drive more sales, and in the end more money for you. You can promote your service or items in a number of ways and we’ll go through them all in this article. You can easily earn more money if you know how and where to promote your services. There are a lot of ways you can do to expand your sales. You can start by promoting your Fragrr marketplace listings on various social networking sites and online gaming forums or community to attract potential buyers.

Social Media

promote with social media


If you have a YouTube channel with a following, feel free to add your listing link in the description. For example, having a YouTube channel for GTA 5 while also being a GTA 5 account seller is a winning recipe.


Are you a Twitch streamer? You can promote your Fragrr marketplace listings on Twitch, this is a great way to drive extra traffic and sales.


Instagram is another great social media network with tons of gamer pages. If you happen to own one, try putting your listing link in the bio to get sales.


Facebook groups can be used to promote your Fragrr listings. There are tons of pages and groups on FB in the gaming niche.

Forums & Community’s

Promote with forums

Forums and communities is a great way to promote your services. There are a number of gaming forums out there where you can start promoting.

Buy & Sell Forums

There are many buy and sell forums for gaming out there. You can use our platform as a payment gateway, since it shows trust and has a safe escrow system. Simply link to your listing and start accepting orders.

Signature Links

Many game forums and community’s accept links in their signature space. This is a perfect way to get more eyes on your Fragrr listings. If you’re not active in any forums, try paying other active members for a signature link.


Subreddits can be your gold mine! Reddit has tons of gaming subreddits such as r/gaming. There are also game specific subreddits such as r/FortniteBR. These are great places to promote your Fragrr listings!

Other Tips

  • Comments on gaming blogs
  • Quora answers: Answer questions related to the game service or product you’re offering here and link to your listing.
  • Another way to promote your Fragrr listing is to purchase shoutouts from big social networking pages like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.