Make money with us

There are numerous ways to make money with the Fragrr marketplace. Fragrr serves as an excellent platform that offers dedicated gamers an opportunity to promote and sell their gaming accounts or items and make extra bucks in the online gaming marketplace. The gaming industry is booming, and there is an increasing number of passionate video gamers worldwide looking to purchase gaming services to improve their gaming experiences. As a result, the sale of game services or items in the portable market is becoming a profitable business for many entrepreneurial gamers out there. Therefore, for any passionate players who wish to sell and make extra cash, Fragrr gaming marketplace is a fitting choice.

Ways to Make Money

To start making money with Fragrr, firstly become a certified seller on Fragrr marketplace by signing up for free and right away begin listing your game services for sale. Additionally, you can become an associate with Fragrr and earn money for every purchase your referrals make. You can also work with Fragrr and get paid if you have high stats as a YouTuber or any other social media with many followings in the gaming niche.

Sell Services/Assets

One of the most obvious ways to start making money with Fragrr is to offer your gaming accounts, CD keys, in-game boosting, currency or items for sale in the digital marketplace. For this, you will need to register an account with us on Fragrr and start listing your game accounts or other gaming services for sale. Fragrr offers various means and services which allows you to manage and promote your sales and expand your gaming traffic in the digital marketplace. Once you present your listings to the community, begin taking purchase orders from potential buyers and use the Fragrr’s secure payment gateway for
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Become an affiliate

You can also make money by becoming a Fragrr’s associate. You can apply to register and become a Fragrr’s affiliate and immediately start promoting and referring the gaming accounts or items to potential customers. By affiliating with Fragrr, you will earn more money in the process. For each purchase the customers make from Fragrr, you will automatically receive a percentage of commission even if you don’t have your marketplace listings.

Collaborate with Fragrr

Another great way to make extra dough is by working and collaborating with Fragrr. For those people
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