We verify our game sellers meticulously on Fragrr gaming marketplace! Whenever our sellers sign up on our platform, we carefully examine each of them and also thoroughly test the gaming accounts or products they offer for sale and determine whether they match up to our premium standards. All our sellers have to pass the three-way verification process to start selling on our gaming marketplace. The Fragrr digital marketplace ensures customer’s satisfaction and security by delivering tested and quality gaming services and items. For this, we take each of our sellers to go through an accurate verification method which includes a few steps provided below.

When a seller posts a new service or item for sale in the marketplace, we take them through a thorough verification process to make sure they’re up to our high standards. The verification process includes a few steps, listed below.

  1. Sample of your service or products: To ensure our sellers can deliver what they offer for sale on our marketplace, we go through a strict examination of the services and gaming items from their listings. If a seller is selling a game account, we need to take a thorough test to make sure they can provide what they offer. Whether it is CD keys, currency or any other gaming items, we need to test carefully for any issues or problems before the sellers post these for sale. We also run the same test and verification on the in-game boosting service and game items our sellers wish to sell on our marketplace.
  1. If you sell items, we need to make sure you can provide what you offer continuously, not just once. Our marketplace is not for one-off sales, but for people who can provide products and services continuously.

Fragrr verifies not just once but continuously vet each service and gaming items or CD keys our seller put up for sale to make sure they can deliver what they offered in their listings. Our digital marketplace is not just a one-off deal, but a platform for dedicated and professional sellers who can provide quality services and products consistently.

3-Step Verification Process

We understand the needs and concerns of our customers, and with our verified and professional sellers, you can make the most of your gaming experience without any hassles. We connect you with trusted sellers who have passed through the three-step verification process to verify who we deal or work with and we guarantee your complete safety. Besides, the gaming accounts and the other in-game boosting you wish to purchase are tested and checked by us to let you get on ahead with your favourite game.

We make sure the gaming services you select are safe and tested through our system so you will not have any viruses or trojans attacking your PC; the Fragrr gaming marketplace offers a protected and encrypted network, so your privacy is entirely assured. Moreover, the verified sellers in our marketplace also provide prompt gaming services or items delivery 24/7. You can go through the reviews and identify the ratings of our top sellers on our gaming marketplace; that way, you are guaranteed and assured of working with trustworthy game sellers.

Therefore, we can guarantee you complete security and assurances as we work exclusively with verified sellers who deliver tried and tested gaming items and other services to suit your personal gaming needs.