How To Start Selling in our Marketplace

Learn how to post your game items and services for sale on our gaming marketplace. We accept almost anything related to video games such as accounts, boost services, in-game currency and much more.

Are you considering selling your gaming services or items in our digital gaming marketplace? Well, then you are in the right place! In this article, we will walk you through some few simple steps you need to complete before you start selling on Fragrr marketplace. The Fragrr gaming marketplace serves as an excellent online platform for dedicated gaming entrepreneurs to list their various game services or items for sale and earn big money.

Our digital market has a safe database that can help you to connect to numerous potential buyers and enthusiastic gamers who would be interested in buying your gaming services or other items and keys to boost their game’s performances. If you have anything associated with a video game that includes game accounts, in-game currency, boosting services, items, game keys, or as such that you wish to sell, our online gaming marketplace is a fitting choice for you. Learn and follow the steps given below to start selling your gaming services or items on Fragrr marketplace. Follow the steps below to start selling in our marketplace.

1. Register an Account

Register an account here at and confirm your email address. To become a registered seller on Fragrr digital gaming marketplace, firstly you need to register an account. Creating an account on Fragrr is a simple process. All you need to do is go through a three-step method to become a verified seller. For this, visit our dedicated website, and click on the “Register Now” to become a certified seller. Sign up with Fragrr by filling in the correct personal details and confirm your email address.

2. Post a Listing

To post your listings, start by clicking on the “Start Selling” on the top menu bar located on the extreme right of the page. When you list your gaming services or products, always remember to outline your description correctly by furnishing it with all the required information. Keep in mind to post a catchy listing to build more traffic and grab the attention of as many potential buyers as possible. It is always worth considering these options before you begin posting your listings for sale.

It’s also worth keeping in mind to showcase your gaming accounts and items separately. That way, the customers can quickly identify the specific gaming items they wish to buy. Additionally, you can include a clear photo of the gaming accessories you are selling. The most recommended way is to attach a video to your listings to get lots of traffic and boost your sales. You can add a relevant video clip on your listing page to advertise your gaming accounts or items. Adding such video highlights to your listings will draw many buyers to purchase the services you are offering.

3. Make Money

Once your Fragrr’s listings go live, you can now start receiving purchase orders from customers on our marketplace. You can accept payment by using our trusted and safe payment gateway and earn money for every sale you make. Most of our key sellers earn $300 plus a day with their deals on Fraggr marketplace.

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