modded controllers buyers guide

Gaming is getting better and better these days, so are the gadgets that you use to play with. However, since so many brands and models of different gaming gear are coming out these days, choosing the right ones that will turn around your gaming experience is not an easy task. For this, you need to have the proper information on what is available in the market and what works for you.

If you are looking for information regarding modded controllers for PS4 and Xbox One, then you are at the right place.

What are modded controllers?

Modded Xbox One Controller

It is possible to turn any gaming controller into a modded controller by installing a specialized modchip inside it. Once this is done, the buttons on the controller are pressed by the chip itself, which makes it easier for the actions to be implemented in the game. During the process of making a modded controller there is no modification of the actual hardware of the computer. Only an extra chip has to be added to the controller.

You can find a lot of different modding companies out there, all of which offer their very own modchips that differ in aspects like the speed of the processor, memory limit and the number or mods offered and so forth.

Though mods offer a few advantages such as they are useful and fun, yet they are not sufficient enough to win the game. Your gaming performance will still depend on you and how you play the game. You will still be required to strategize, analyze and aim like you are supposed to in every other game that you play, however yes, the modded controller will enhance your gameplay in the way that it will increase your kills to death ratio.

PlayStation 4

In 2013, the DualShock 4 controller was released by Sony PlayStation that had a few features that were better than the one that came out before that. It featured enhanced command because of better triggers and sticks, an instant share option that allows you share your achievements on Facebook and twitter, improved battery life and a multi touchpad on the front. Also, this allowed more mods to be offered for DualShock 4 as compared to the DualShock 3 controller. That’s why there are more modded PS4 controllers than PS3.

Xbox One

Similarly, a lot of improvements came with the new Xbox One controller that was released back in 2013. This featured better performance than the previous line of Xbox 360 controllers. Better accuracy and grip were provided by the Upgraded controller shape alongside with the improved triggers, thumbsticks and d-pad made it easier to control the characters due to increased sensitivity of the controls to touch. A lot of people further modified this controller to get more edge over the games.

What to look for while buying a modded controller

The present modding business sector is brimming with organizations offering several different kinds of modified gaming pads. It not wrong to state that all sites, that were not properly following the quality measures are out of business now. The ones, that are available now are offering the most ideal conditions for players. These are the companies that have been able to adapt to the frequently changing market and are able to provide their customers with the latest technology.

Rapid Fire mod

Every company has its own modchip and innovation, all of which offer different kind of modifications and come at different prices. Choosing the one that comes at a good price might sound like a good idea, however this does not ensure that you will be satisfied with the purchase as you might be compromising on quality. It is also not a wise idea to choose the one that offers a cool look as it is the internals that matter and not the outlook.

In spite of the fact that a new technology offering simpler routes and easy to use menu cost more, but it is not necessary that it might be the best for your gaming style. It is important that it works with your gaming strategies, performance goals and other factors. Usually similar mod functionality is offered by sites and pretty much same number of features that vary in the manner they are enacted and worked during the game. The main things you should look for the right modded controller are its build quality and performance, the operational mod button it comes with, Mods LED Indicator and the paddles system that has been just released for PS4 and Xbox One modded controllers.

Are modded controllers legal to use?

As mentioned above the only function of the special chip that is located in the PS4 and Xbox is to press the buttons in a specific manner, which is difficult for humans to do themselves. The game code is not affected in any way due to the modchip, it is not hacked or modified in any manner. It only enables players to rest their hands a little and ease the strain off the fingers that can be caused due to handling the controller for hours. It also can’t be regarded as cheating however the number of perks the player gets as the game proceeds do increase to some extent.

So, are modded controllers really helpful? Definitely, however this does not imply that you will be able to win games simply because of using these. You will still need to try out different strategies to find out which one works for you. Similarly, you will still need to discover best places on the map for hiding and attacking. Also, you will still need to practice your aiming skills. Modded controllers won’t help you with this. Hence, overall everything depends on your internet connection and your practice with the game.