How to Rank Up Fast in GTA 5 Online

how to get higher RP in gta online

To rank up faster in GTA Online, the Grand Theft Auto 5 multiplayer adventure, you will need to perform some challenging and difficult tasks. Gaining reputation points (RP) and completing GTA Online’s missions can get arduous. But don’t worry, we’re providing you with some tips below to rank up faster in GTA Online and also let you experience the most in the multiplayer playfield. Following these tips can help you catch up with the master gamers who have been playing since the inception of the game.

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Concentrate on Adversary Modes

Adversary modes allow two teams to play classic movie scenes where one group fights with the other to win. Such adventure-filled missions highlighted by the Tron-inspired Deadline take longer but enable you to get extra RP.

Collect Cargo

On reaching Rank 12, a cargo drop happens all over the map in the game. Getting and opening the crate allows you to earn RP. A notification will pop up on your screen giving out the location of the box on the minimap. To obtain this, you will need to kill some armed non-playable characters (NPC) who guards the crate. If you defeat those NPCs, you open the box to find 3,000 RP. Some individual drops contain 5,000 RP.

Check the Newswire

Check the Rockstar Newswire every Tuesday for any new updates and information about any unique events that offer sufficient RP. Such kind of missions provides you with an opportunity to gain additional cash and RP which could help in levelling up faster. Additionally, the Newswire also provides you with helpful tips on how you can get a price cut on specific vehicle purchases and other free items.

Build an organisation

GTA Online allows you to build an organisation on your own besides doing petty thefts. Once you have a sufficient amount, you can buy an office and let other players join as associates. Joining an organisation and teaming up with a group of like-minded individuals who are eager to complete tasks will fetch you a bonus RP. Although you can earn cash and points easily on your own, completing team missions is another way to rank up quickly.

Complete a fast and furious race

Complete a race and earn up to 500 RP. You don’t necessarily have to win the race, but this easy mission can help you to rank up faster especially if you are a starter. You can finish the Criminal Record race in half a minute if set to only one lap.

Lose the Cops

Losing the cops after gaining a wanted level is also another way to rank up faster. You will earn 100 RP on each star for a wanted level. However, achieving such higher levels can be extremely difficult especially when you are trying to ditch a trail from the cops. You can earn such level through car theft or killing another player as these crimes alone will net you some RP.

Make a playlist with the best missions

The only way to gain RP is to complete missions. These missions form the bulk of GTA Online which includes all kinds of ideas and play styles. Collect some of the tasks that offer the best RP in a playlist and tackle it alone or with a team. You should also keep in mind that you cannot access these missions all at once as they unlock at certain levels.