Overwatch is one heck of an excellent game, and playing it competitively can be quite the challenge. Having a superior high skill rating will take you plenty of time, you will need to understand the game, and you will need some serious patience. The ranking system is more complicated than most other online games, which include the fact it has ranking systems, and going from one to the next, is difficult. Overall it can be a complicated task to get ahead in Overwatch, so this blog post will try and explain how to get ranked easier.

Ranking System & Tiers

To begin with there are seven tiers of the ranking system and they are as follows: Bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, masters and grandmaster. This tier system is based on lowest to highest rankings with bronze being a placement for newbies and grandmaster being the elite top 1% of game players.

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The last time statistics were checked, a little over three-quarters of people who play the game rank in between the silver and platinum levels. Now to get ranked in the game you will first have to reach Level 25 which you can accomplish by using the quick play feature or arcade version. These are more fun based games than highly competitive levels. Once you have accomplished level 25, you can enter the competitive option from the “play” menu. You will go through 10 matches which will determine your beginning rank. The matchmaking system is aligned to wins and losses more so than kills or deaths. This means be the best team player you can be to get further ahead.

How to Rank your Overwatch Character

To get your character ranked up the Overwatch database you will need to win and win often. You will have to finish your matches with your team being the winners. If your team loses you will lose Stat Rankings. If you don’t have a team, use the “look for group” feature in the main menu. You can build a team which gives you the ability to play the role you wish to be. If you play as a group you will be matched with other groups. Be sure to work on your team building and group play. You will go against other groups who are more than likely synergistic with each other too. Having fun in Overwatch is imperative and having a great team will boost your results. You’ll gain more SR points which will bring you higher up the tiers of ranking.

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We recommend that you use microphones in the game for better strategy, and communicate with your group. Most people in the platinum level tiers use microphones and have stated that they are a major asset when it comes to winning. You will want to have your team strategize on maps, use specific game modes and utilize your players and their best abilities. Knowing your group, it’s strengths a long with weaknesses will give you the competitive edge of knowing when to go all in or when to retreat. Be sure you choose gamers in your group who have game sense and the skill levels to propel your team and your stats in a winning direction.