fishing guide

Fishing in World of Warcraft. Some might say it’s useless…even pathetic. I say that you should do whatever makes you happy when you’re playing a game. Pay no attention to those power levelers foaming at the mouth for that extra level. Pay no attention to the gold hoarders or epic mount grinders. You’re fishing.

Fishing in World of Warcraft

Just like in real life, Fishing in World of Warcraft provides a break from the hustle and bustle of major cities, the auction house and the constant phone calls (tells) from your friends wanting to borrow a giant axe to kill a dragon. Anyhow, Fishing can be a lot of fun.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while trying to get your fishing to it’s maximum level while in World of Warcraft. I won’t line it out from zone to zone because well, that would take too much time and I have a hot date with a bag of cheese doodles…I mean my girlfriend…but here are some tips:

Keep your fishing skill aligned with your level

Nothing is worse that power leveling that fishing skill and having to try and dodge through red difficulty monsters to get to that mini swamp to fish at. Giant Spiders and Crazy Boars love seeing a level 8 try to fish in the Searing Gorge. Keep it in check people!

Always use Lures

If you don’t know what lures are, then thank god you’ve found this article. Lures can be anything from a bobber to worms, to night crawlers. Find Fishing suppliers and buy these as they increase your fishing skill and can sometimes allow you to fish in a place that you normally wouldn’t be high enough to fish in. If you remember one thing, get lures! Also get a good fishing pole. There are some out there that will increase your fishing.

Never share your Savory Deviate Delights

Then they’re cool too… and we wouldn’t want that. When raiding in World of Warcraft, there are certain foods that will help your party by giving them the “well fed” buff. This buff varies between the different foods within the game. Some might give you 15 strength and stamina and some might give Agility and Strength or Intelligence, etc and etc.

It’s often useful to make a lot of these foods before you go into a raid and dish them out to your teammates or even sell them on the auction house. Having those stat increases can make or break you in the field. Happy Fishing!