Obviously, you love CS:GO and you want to learn how to rank up to become competitive. There are many different technical components that you will have to think about before you try to rank up. Now this article will explain the finer details on how to move up the ranking system. If you want to get much higher ranks you will first have to improve your CS:GO gaming abilities. Now obviously this will take a lot of time. It won’t be a simple matter to elevate your ranking scores or skill levels.

Train on Aim Maps

We suggest one of the things that you work on is the Aim Training maps. These are excellent to help give you the focus and agility you need to hit your targets. You will also want to do further things such as learning how to use grenades. Some of the better grenade options include smokes, the flash bangs as well as molotoves. Make sure that you know and understand each and every one of the maps in the competitive pool. Working on these particular maps and skill development options will give you greater chances of getting ahead. After all, that is why you are playing this game to begin with.

csgo aim map
CSGO aim map for training

When you train and we mean that you train often, you will begin to notice that you will be getting greater results. In competitive match-based games, your new skills can and will translate into more wins per round and even more overall gaming wins. This is what you want. Be aware though, that it will take patience and plenty of time.

Practice Makes Perfect

You will have to practice and do it often. You will have to make it part of your life if you really wish to win more often. If you want to have a huge impact on your gaming you will level up gradually. We recommend that you work on the training maps to make yourself that much more of a valuable player.

Group with Your Friends

Another suggestion is to group up with your friends. This makes moving up the rankings that much more fun. You will want to select people who you can trust, whom you can train and practice with. It is a good idea to work through strategies and hone your skills together. If you don’t have close friends that enjoy CS:GO, you can always use the nearby lobbies section to find people close to your skill level. You can add them to your group and even begin your very own team.

Now be aware, that not all players have the same goals that you do. In your group, be sure that you are the best player that you can be. Also harness a positive attitude and communicate properly while reporting anyone who cheats or causes problems in the game. You will want to choose players that have good map knowledge, that constantly train inside the game and have the desire to cooperate as a team.

Get A Prime Account

Another thing we suggest you do is to get a prime account. It offers that added legitimacy and protection to you as an active and invested player. The prime account system offers many different rewards and prevents issues with potential smurfs and people who have gotten a VAC ban in the past. When you follow our short list of suggestions you can have more fun in CS:GO which ultimately is the reason why you play it!