Apex Legends Coins, Tokens & Crafting Metals for Sale

If you have been looking for a place where you can purchase or sell Apex Legends coins, tokens and metals you have found the marketplace of your dreams. We can offer you an unlimited selection of in-game currencies for Apex Legends on PS4, Xbox One and PC. These include crafting metals, legend tokens and apex coins! In the Fragrr Marketplace, we connect dedicated gamers much like yourself with hundreds of listings that offer you the ability to purchase in-game currency for a price.

Apex Legends coins, tokens and metals

At Fragrr, we understand that you are a serious gamer and having fun is important to you. We offer you a digital marketplace where you can buy and sell Apex Legends currency here on this page. You can also sell your Apex Legends currencies too if you are interested in earning an income on this site.

Apex Legends Currency for PS4, Xbox One & PC

You can easily have your currencies maximized for Apex Legends. Interestingly, Apex Legends has four different in-game currencies including Apex Coins, Legend Tokens, Crafting Metals and Founder’s Pack. What this offers you is a way to enjoy the game to greater levels while lowering the necessity of constantly grinding and farming through out the game. You can enjoy the game much further and get the different types of accessories and skins you desire while playing less.

Apex Coins

Want Apex coins? You can buy these with real world currency and you have the option to purchase Apex packs and even characters when you have your coins maxed out. These can be bought with real world currency. AC can be used to purchase Apex packs and characters.

Legend Tokens

These are received upon every match you play and are totally free. They are used for unlocking characters and buy exclusive cosmetics. You can gain access to unlimited and cheap legend tokens which can unlock characters and even get you exclusive cosmetics in Apex Legends.

Crafting Metals

You can find sellers on this website who can give you crafting metals which gives you even more expansions with this exciting game.
This currency is won through opening Apex Packs which are in-game rewards at completion of each round. With crafting metals, you can buy cosmetic items and different skins such as Legendary, Epic, Rare and Common.

Founder’s Pack

Founder’s Pack is another package that can be bought with real money and include a lot of items such as ACs, weapons, skins, banner frames and badges. However, if you are an avid player and quick learner, you won’t need to invest real money into the game. Instead, it is better to invest with our coaching lessons at Fragrr.

Why Purchase Apex Legends Coins?

We understand that when you play Apex Legends you want to have fun. When you can buy these in-game currencies for a price you will have a more rewarding experience gaming. After all grinding and farming can be a hassle and not to mention stressful too. The Fragrr Marketplace gives you access to professional players who will sell you their currencies for Apex Legends for a fee.

The Fragrr Marketplace gives you the benefits of maximizing your characters in Apex Legends. This means you will enjoy the game much more. You no longer have to grind and farm for months on end just to get Apex Legends Crafting Metals and you don’t have to earn Legend tokens either. Using this marketplace you are connected to a network of gamers who sell and buy their services.

Using our encrypted servers and anonymous interface you can connect with professional gamers who will sell you in-game Apex Legends currencies. This means that you can focus on other aspects of your life. We understand that you may have school full time or have a job. We are sure you have a social life and daily responsibilities too.

Why Choose Fragrr?

Don’t worry you will never be ripped off or scammed ever. We review all of our sellers and we can guarantee you will have a good transaction experience. You can also read the reviews and recommendations from other buyers and sellers on this site. We use a three-step vetting process that confirms you are only purchasing what you want with no problems.

Payment Escrow

Unlike other marketplaces you can feel secure and confident knowing you will not have any issues or problems. We use an escrow-payment system that means that a seller will not be paid unless they provide their service as promised. You can read the reviews and comments from others to determine who you would like to buy from or sell too.

The Fragrr Marketplace is a secure, anonymous and dedicated place for gamers to interact, purchase and sell their gaming gear. If you want to enjoy Apex Legends at a higher level we suggest you browse our marketplace for in-game currency sellers and other exclusive offers!

Sell Apex Legends Currency

Fragrr encourages you to sign up if you are interested in selling Apex Legends in-game currencies too. You can earn an actual income from this website. There is money to be made and the Fragrr Marketplace is a growing atmosphere with unlimited potential.

If you are a professional gamer looking to sell your expertise or you are a gamer sign up today! Fragrr is free to join, completely secure and anonymous. We specialize in offering dedicated gamers a place to enjoy their games further. If you are not yet a member sign up for an account right now while it is fresh on your mind!