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Buy or sell in-game currencies such as gold, silver or diamons

Buy In-Game Money, Gold, Silver and Other Currency

Have you been searching across the internet for a place to purchase cheap in-game currency, money, gold or any other form of credits you could possibly want?

Find out how the Fragrr marketplace provides you with hundreds of listings from serious gamers who are selling their in-game currencies for a price. You can maximize your gold, credits, and money inside major online video games and we have sellers who offer you digital game currency for most games available today.

Available Games:

  • WoW Gold
  • Fortnite V-Bucks
  • GTA 5 Money
  • BDO Silver
  • RS3 Gold
  • OSRS Gold
  • ArcheAge Gold
  • Diablo 3 Gold

Why Purchase In-Game Currency?

Why waste months of time or years of grinding to maximize your income in a game? We understand that you have a social life, you have to work and take care of your responsibilities at home.

We give you direct access to professional gamers who will sell you their excess cash. What this means is that you can have a heck of a lot more fun when you are playing video games. Best of all you don’t have to spend so much time earning points.

How Buying Game Currency Works

When you wish to buy in-game currencies from this marketplace it is an incredibly easy process. All you have to do is browse through our network of sellers and find one who meets your requirements. When you find a seller that offers a method to buy game gold you can work with them and the seller will deliver your gold as promised. There is a 3-step process for accomplishing this task and it is very easy. The three steps will be outlined below.

Purchase Currency

You can buy game gold from a seller. All you have to do is search our marketplace for the in-game currency that you are seeking. Then find a currency seller for the game that you wish to play and place a secure order for the exact amount of game credit you desire.

Wait for Delivery

When you buy game currency from one of our sellers you just have to wait for the delivery and it won’t take that long. The delivery time will be dependent on the seller and the time needed will be agreed upon before you place your order. This makes it convenient for you and minimizes having to wait to get access to your gold currency.

Enjoy your Riches

When the delivery time has closed you will have access to the game currency that you have purchased and it will be delivered to your game account or the character you desire. After that you will have gold currency to buy items, and modifications to make your game play that much more rewarding and fun.

Why Choose Our Marketplace Sellers?

By accessing our unique marketplace you will notice that we have incredibly high standards and do not accept just any seller. We pride ourselves in offering the best games players who offer you what you want.

Not just anyone can join our marketplace and we keep it incredibly secure and private. Your security is guaranteed and your privacy will never be violated. We utilize an escrow payment system that ensures that you will never be scammed or ripped off.

Verified & Trusted Sellers

The sellers you find inside our marketplace have been vetted through a multi-step verification system to ensure that they will deliver the gold or in-game currency that they offer on time as promised.

As stated before we use an Escrow payment system which means that you must accept your delivery before the seller gets paid. If you are not happy with your order you will not pay. It’s that simple and makes playing games that much more fun and exciting.

Become a Seller

If you would like to offer your own gold or in-game currencies on the Fragrr marketplace you absolutely can do that too. If you would like to sell your own game currencies on this marketplace you can and it’s a very easy process to sign up.

All you have to do is register an account on Fragrr and then list your gold and currencies for sale. If you need to buy game gold or other currencies we are the premier resource with high levels of encrypted security, optimized privacy giving you a greater gaming experience.