Professional Overwatch Coaching Lessons

Overwatch is all about controlling your heroes, battling over objectives and taking down your enemies to achieve victory. However, you need to learn and master some skills to reach the Grandmaster, the latest season with Golden Guns galore. For that, Fragrr is here to help! We have experienced players offering Overwatch coaching on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

Overwatch tutors available

After having looked into the game play, characters, challenges and game modes, you have gained a rough idea that learning Overwatch skills is an important task. If you are a beginner, you need complete insight and instructions of the game before starting to play. If you are already playing the game, you must be encountering various hurdles such as loosing hero’s health and not being able to put more headshots.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up with Fragrr and connect with our most experienced gamers who are here to help you. You also don’t need not to worry about any scams as Fragrr is the most upright marketplace for gamers and a reliable source of coaching lessons for Overwatch.

Why Hire Overwatch Coaches?

Whether you are having problems in looking for your master or the perfect timing for Zarya Ult, Fragrr has the ultimate solution for you. We, at Fragrr, are proud to connect you to a million Overwatch experts who have already mastered these levels and are into Grandmaster. Our professional coaches will help you reach your goals quicker than ever. Now, whether you want to be a world-class Reinhardt or take down the envies, a one-on-one coaching lesson is going to solve all your problems.

Accelerate your skill level

We claim that a single Overwatch lesson will create a lot of difference for you. Now, you will not have to play for weeks to level up. With Overwatch Coaching, higher skills are merely at an arm’s length. You will be able to level up faster and have good enough understanding of the map and its objectives. Fragrr coaches have the most pertinent skills to make you a real hero. Moreover, you will eventually be able to take part in professional Overwatch Leagues. With Fragrr coaching, you can make your mark in the Overwatch world.

Make Money with Your Overwatch Skills

Fragrr, being a player-to-player platform helps you not only in learning the gaming skills, but also in selling your gaming skills. You can sell your Overwatch coaching lessons at Fragrr as well. After signing up, you will be connected to millions of gamers who want to attain the master skills of Overwatch. As you have already countered those problems and found the solution, it’s time to pass on your skills and earn something out of it.

After all, it isn’t bad to make money with a video game such as Overwatch, right? So, while you are practicing to take part in the professional league, or if you have already done that, you can utilize your time and skills into something beneficial. Fragrr provides you with the biggest opportunity to turn your passion into a source of income.

Why Fragrr is the best place to buy & sell Overwatch coaching

With Fragrr, selling is easy. There is no registration fee and the seller charges are also cut down. We take care of our seller’s earnings and make sure they are earning healthy. Also, for sellers there is a special system that helps secure your account. All in all, you will be a satisfied coach at Fragrr.

However, at your end, you need to make sure that you maintain good reviews and ratings to get more clients. Our five-tier power seller system is particularly there so that buyers can get to know your reputation and experience level. So, sign up now and start selling your Overwatch coaching in the marketplace.

Overwatch Overview

Overwatch is one of the most fascinating and adventurous video games of the 21st century produced by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 and has acquired more than 40 million players now. Overwatch has successfully made it into the category of E-sports by entering into numerous professional leagues, such as Overwatch League by Blizzard, Overwatch Atlantic Showdown by ESL, Overwatch Open by ELEAGUE, and many more. Not only that, Overwatch is also challenging the gamer base of other well-known games of the time such as CS:GO, League of Legends and Team Fortress 2 etc. With this rising competition, you need to instantly gather some skills to match the pace – That’s why coaching services are available.

Team Heroes

The team selections for playing the game can be 1v1, 3v3, 4v4 and 6v6. For any of them, each team needs to choose its players which are called heroes. Currently, the game has a roster of over 30 characters from which you can choose your hero from. Each hero has it own specific abilities, unique skills and an important role to play in each fight. There are available coaches for all heroes and team sets.

The different roles fall under four main categories: offense, defence, tank and support. Each of these roles give you a number of unmatched abilities, which are the real key to winning a match. The players need to fulfill these four roles with a suitable hero to achieve the objectives of the game.


The game take place in different locations around the world. Each game has a specific map with various objectives, which must be fulfilled for your team to win. Generally, these are the main objectives depending upon the map: Assault, Escort, Capture the Flag, Control, Deathmatch, Elimination and Team Deathmatch.