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Instead of spending months and months trying to improve in Fortnite, it is better to have some guidance and proper coaching to excel quickly. Our marketplace has tons sellers offering Fortnite Coaching lessons by pro players available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Fortnite tutors for hire

So are you thinking about getting yourself a perfect and trustworthy coach or tutor? Each seller maintains an online profile where they are rated and reviewed by their clients. Before choosing your coach, you can go through the reviews and ratings. If you see positive reviews, you are good to go with that coach. If not, there are many other Fortnite tutors for you at Fragrr. Thus, you can easily find the most professional person and pro-gamer to be your coach.

Why Hire Fortnite Tutors?

To help you excel and manage the resources in an enemy attack or for keeping the husks at bay, our coaches are there to teach you the basic and advanced skills. In order to master the art of building and fighting skillfully, you need to choose the right hero. After that, you should be able to use its expertise to the full extent. To get the best out of your hero you would need an expert’s help.

You will be observing a great difference in your Fortnite skills after a single one-on-one coaching lesson. Soon, you will become a pro-gamer and rank on top of the leader board. The coaches are available 24/7 with a very responsive customer support.

Why Choose Fragrr?

Fragrr is the most trusted marketplace where you will find trusted and vetted Fortnite coaches. You don’t need to worry about your money being wasted. With Fortnite coaching, you are already spending it in the right place. Fragrr is one of those sites that is developed solely for your help and to save you from fraud. Fragrr is just a medium you will be using to find and connect with the perfect coach. The buying and selling will be between you and your coach directly.

Make Money with Your Fortnite Expertise

You can be a learner as well as a coach in the marketplace. Fragrr gives you the perfect opportunity to turn your passion into a formidable source of income. There are over a million gamers out there looking for your help in Fortnite. You can help them choosing the best hero and the best fort, coaching lessons and more. Being an expert, you are well aware of the skills and tricks needed to level up. Make sure you include them in your coaching lessons according to the requirements of the buyer. Also, you can guide them best according to the level that they are not able to cross. The most important task is that you make your client master the tricks.

Benefits of selling Fortnite Coaching Services at Fragrr

Fragrr has made selling coaching lessons quite easy. With your expertise in Fortnite, you can sign up in our marketplace to become a Fortnite coach. You need to maintain your coach profile to get good ratings and reviews to your services. Try your best to develop a professional attitude as we have claimed our coaches to be most professional and experienced. That’s how you will be earning the most out of your skills and e-sport expertise. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and start selling your Fortnite carry services!

Available Game Modes to Coach:

Fortnite is currently the most popular E-sport in the world. It was released in 2017 with two game modes initially. In 2018, it released its third mode. In only two years of release, Fortnite has amassed more than 130 million players.

Out of those 130 million, some are obviously beginners, while others are experts. So there might be an imbalance in skill levels. For beginners and experts alike, Fragrr is the best opportunity to buy and sell coaching lessons in order to level up and beat the competition.

Save the World

This mode is a shooter survival game. In this mode, the players fight against zombie-like creatures to defend the objects they can build protection forts with.

Battle Royale

In this mode, up to 100 players fight each other and the last one standing is the winner. You fight against other players to scavenge weapons, items, resources and vehicles and defend your fortifications.


This mode allows the players to be completely creative in building their forts, battle arenas, platforming challenges and much more on the island. To build that you need plenty of resources.

Available Heroes to Coach:

The second most important thing in Fortnite is your hero. Each player must choose from one of the four heroes in the game. No matter which one you choose, coaching is still available to you. The four heroes are:


They are all-rounders and can fit various roles depending upon the need of the game. They are equipped with the abilities of Frag Grenade, Shockwave, War Cry and Goin’ Commando.


Outlanders focus on building and exploration rather than fighting. They possess the master skills of Shock tower, Teddy and Phase shift.


Constructors are the best class for building forts. They possess the abilities of bases, decoy, bull rush and plasma pulse.


Ninjas are the best fighters, and their specialties are the crescent kick, smoke bombs, throwing stars and dragon slash. They excel at jumping and escaping.

Whatever game mode and hero you choose, the real skill is to make it to the end. And that is possible through learning the masteries of Fortnite. In order to learn that, Fragrr is providing you with the best opportunity. Here at Fragrr, we have the most experienced and up-to-date coaching services for Fortnite.