Get CSGO Coaching Lessons from Pro Gamers

Everyone loves leveling up quickly. But, that’s definitely not easy in CSGO, especially for beginners. You will need to learn how to play and subsequently master some very important skills. That is why Fragrr is introducing CSGO coaching lessons on the marketplace. You can buy proper coaching lessons from the professional coaches in the marketplace who are expert gamers.

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You’re just a click way from having the best coaches for CSGO that will help in improving your ranking. Whether you have to learn beginner’s skills of taking a headshot or the master skill of reaching Global Elite rank, you should sign up with Fragrr to find your perfect coach. We are here to make sure that you get the most understanding and patient coach to teach you. You will be amazed at the service quality the coaches in our marketplace provide.

Why Get Coaching Lessons for CSGO?

Surely, you would love to increase you ranks and kill as many terrorists as you can, if you are a part of Counter Terrorists team. On the other hand, if you are a terrorist, you need to learn some perfect head shot angles to make sure no hostage is rescued, or no bomb is defused. As the tasks don’t seem to be perfectly easy and a one-time win, you need to learn some master skills. CSGO is not casual in the same way as CS 1.3 at all. It has more challenges, more difficult tasks. Taking a terrorist down or acquiring the golden knife has to be accomplished in a very skillful way. For that, Fragrr is here to help.

We will connect you to the most experienced players of CSGO from who you can learn CSGO basic as well as master skills. We can assure you that you will get an unmatched insight into the game and even after a single coaching lesson, you will learn a lot. You are a CSGO enthusiast, right? Then with this coaching, you can learn how to be a master. We would love to see you acquiring the Global Elite rank and be done with all the current game modes.

Become a CS:GO Coach & Sell your lessons

Fragrr is not only a platform to get coaching lessons. It has a biggest opportunity for the sellers too. With Fragrr, you can sell your expertise with the game. Beginner and low level gamers are looking to learn the mastery of CSGO from you. If you have already reached the Global Elite rank, this is the best time to sell your skills.

The upcoming modes are a while ahead and you would surely not want to waste time waiting for that. Also, what’s the point of having some master skills and not earning anything out of it? Make sure you put it to full use and fill up your bank account as well. After all, you’ll be doing what you love and earning money for it.

Why Sell in The Fragrr Marketplace?

With Fragrr, selling is not hard. We have made it easy for our sellers to earn the most out of their skills. The seller charges are the lowest in the market. We are here to take care of your earnings. We completely respect both our buyers and sellers and provide them with this platform for their benefit. As new gamers wanting to learn how to play, where else can you get genuine help by top ranking players? And by coaching new and upcoming gamers, you will not have to worry about your skills getting rusty since you will be constantly practicing them. And this will maximize your revenue generation as a side benefit.
So, do not waste another minute and sign up today to be a CS:GO coaching seller at Fragrr!

The Basics of Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the fourth game in Global Strike series was originally released in August, 2012. Now over 6 years have passed but the gamer base is continuously on the rise. We see both young and adult lovers of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, shortly known as CS: GO. Whether you are a beginner or a master, you can use Fragrr for the buying and selling CS: GO coaching skills.

How CSGO Works:

The game brings two teams against each other namely: The Terrorists and The Counter Terrorists. Both have their different objectives. The Terrorists are supposed to plant a bomb or defend the hostages, depending on the game mode. Similarly, The Counter Terrorists are supposed to prevent the bomb from being planted or rescue the hostages.

Game modes:

Different game modes have different objectives and basics to go through the game and win it. Some of the most played game modes are:

Deathmatch: In this mode, you take the weapons, or the game set the weapons and number of kills you have to make itself. The first team to reach the goal wins.

Arms Race: This mode is similar to Deathmatch however, your weapon changes after every kill. The last weapon is the golden knife. The first one to make a kill with it wins.
Demolition: In this mode, the teams are 5v5. From a total of 11 rounds, the first to acquire all the goals and reach 11th round wins.

Casual and Competitive: In casual mode, teams can be as large as 10v10. Counter terrorists have to effuse the bomb or rescue the hostages with a map pool. The competitive mode can be played after you have acquired the rank of Global Elite, which surely is a tough task. After every round, you get money which can be used to receive weapons and equipment.

The many new upcoming modes include Scavenger, Heist and Tilegen mode.

Now, if you are a beginner, then you have already gotten a rough idea of the modes and difficulty levels you need to cross to be a Global Elite. If you are an experienced player, you have gone through all of this already. Fragrr is a virtual marketplace that allows you to both buy and sell CSGO coaching and skill lessons.