Apex Legends Coaching Lessons from Pro Gamers

Fragrr has brought a perfect opportunity for you if you want to get on your feet real quick in Apex legends. With already more than 50 million players in the game now, competition seems to be quite tough. At Fragrr, we have a perfect solution in form of Apex Legends coaching lessons to teach you good enough skills to quickly level up.

Apex Legends Coaching Lessons

The Apex coaching lessons will help you get well versed in the tricks, strategies and team plays in quite an efficient and effective manner. You can learn how to choose the best weapon and how to choose perfect spot for your team drop on the map. Further, with 20 teams playing, it is hard to survive and save yourself from elimination. While you respawn, your teammates can also be shot or killed, putting an end to your team in the game.

Why Get Coaching Lessons in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is one of the latest and most adventurous games of 2019. As with many other popular games, it is also a battle royale game. It does have two genres though, the other one being first-person shooter. It would not be wrong to say that Apex Legends was a big surprise as the game had no announcement or marketing before its release. It was directly released in February, 2019 for MS Windows, PS4 and Xbox One.

Master Apex Legends on PS4, PC or Xbox One

You will be mastering all the necessary skills after a single one-on-one coaching lesson with our most experienced and professional coaches. As our Apex Legends coaches are expert gamers, they have already mastered all these skills. You will be investing your money into something really beneficial at Fragrr. It is better to learn the skills of earning in-game currency more frequently than buying in-game currency again and again. So what better idea can you have? Absolutely nothing other than Apex Legends Coaching at Fragrr!

Start selling your own coaching lessons

Fragrr cares not only for buyers but for earners too and that’s why Fragrr gives you the opportunity to sell your skills. With Fragrr, you can become Apex Legends coach. Fragrr is the ideal platform where you can buy and sell the coaching skills. Being an expert, you acquire all the master skills and now it is time to teach your fellas about how to search for more weapons, kill more enemies, get more currency and unlock a lot of cosmetic items and characters.

The most interesting thing is that Fragrr is a buyer-to-seller interaction platform. Buyers can get the coaching lessons at really cheap prices and for sellers, the seller charges are really low with zero registration fee. Sellers maintain their profile reviews and can get more and more buyers according to that. Buyers can judge the sellers according to their skills and reviews, and choose the one most compatible.

Apex Legends Gameplay

The combined concept of battle royale and hero shooter is the most exciting characteristic of Apex Legends. It differs from other common battle royale games in terms of its different characters and heroes, all having their specific abilities to play the roles of Offense, Defense, Support and Recon.


There are 60 players in the game teamed up in a group of three, making a total of 20 teams in the battlefield. They have no equipment initially and have to find it in the hidden places in the field map. The teams are free to choose their drop locations on the map. Then they fight while the map keeps shrinking. The teams need to continue fighting with their best strategy and team planning, and needs to make it quickly to the safe zone.
The players can be respawned after some time upon bleeding out or heavy assault by the opponents. The last team standing in the battlefield becomes the winner.


There are eight characters in the game, each with their unique skills and abilities. The characters are:

  • Wraith, a skirmisher
  • Path finder, a scout
  • Lifeline, a combat medic
  • Bangalore, a soldier
  • Gibraltar, a guarded fortress
  • Bloodhound, the best tracker
  • Caustic, a dangerous trapper
  • Mirage, the holographic trickster

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now at Fragrr and there is more coming ahead. You will love our marketplace and the chance to master Apex Legends. However, if you are looking for coaching lessons of any other game, Fragrr welcomes you with a big heart.