Get Coaching Lessons From Pro Gamers

If you have been seeking a coach to offer you game coaching lessons from professional eSport gamers, then now is your special opportunity to master a game completely with personalized coaching!

These lessons are offered to you by a full time professionals. You can take these coaching lessons for a variety of games and your gaming experience will explode to even higher levels.

Available Games

  • CS:GO Coaching
  • LoL Coaching
  • WoW Coaching
  • Fortnite Coaching
  • PUBG Coaching
  • Overwatch Coaching
  • HearthStone Coaching
  • Apex Legends Coaching
  • Diablo 3 Coaching

Why Take Coaching Lessons?

Instead of making mistakes and wasting countless hours dealing with stress and hassles associated with a game now you can pay for 1-on-1 training time with a professional player who will share with you how to play and the secrets on how to master and enjoy your favorite game that much more.

This specialized and superior alone time for training with a professional gamer will maximize your abilities and unlock strengths in the games you wish to get ahead with.

Our select and specialized team of gamer coaches will share with you detailed strategies and gaming techniques so with training you too can become a pro in much less time and with less problems.

How Game Coaching Works

Being able to find a trainer to help you with coaching in-game can be an incredibly easy process. All you have to do is place an order for a desired time with a coach. You will then work with them and arrange a time for your individualized coaching lessons to master your favorite games.

Get coaching from pros

We offer a wide range of professional gamers that will offer you specialized 1-on-1 training to get you ahead in games and past hurdles that have been holding you back. Once you have placed your order you will then discuss with your personal coach when you would like to begin.

Become a professional

If you appreciated the coaching session then you can buy as many more coaching lessons as the coach can offer you. You can maximize your time with a coach and sort out times and scheduling that works for you as well as them. Just send them a message beforehand to begin the process.

Why Choose Our Marketplace Coaches?

The specialized coaches here have been carefully screened and vetted to ensure that they are premium standard users. Our unique blend of coaches are all professional players in real life and have incredibly high levels of skills in the games that they are masters in.

They will gladly answer your questions and deliver your lessons in record speed no matter what day or night you decide and that includes holidays. Now you have an opportunity to get much further with your gaming with our wide selection of professional gamers who can teach you when you place an order today.

Verified Professional Coaches

Our selection of coaches offered inside our marketplace have gone through a 3-step vetting process that ensures they are as good as they claim and who they say they are.

We put their skills and communication abilities through a testing process which is a lot like a job interview. We also test these coaches with their in-game skills to make sure they meet the standards listed.

Different Languages

We offer English speaking coaches, and some gaming coaches can offer you lessons in German, Swedish, Norweigan, Danish, Indian and other languages. The marketplace sellers has their languages displayed on their profile so you can find one for your native language.

Sell custom coaching lessons

Would you be interested in offering your own coaching services and giving lessons for in-game skill training to Fragrr users? If you would like to offer your own personal coaching services for in-game strategies and action all you have to do is register an account at Fragrr to begin offering your coaching lessons. You will be interviewed and tested on your skill level, if you meet our standards, communication abilities and other attributes.

Sign up today to get personalized in-game coaching lessons

If you are incredibly serious about getting in-game coaching then you can by placing an order on this website for personalized coaching with one of our incredibly helpful professionals. You can maximize your game play and get higher scores and rankings and enjoy your favorite games that much more.

Skip past the hurdles and things that have been holding you back when you get high-quality personalized training from an expert who is a professional at the game. You will be rewarded with greater insight and higher levels of play and the rewards they bring.

You no longer have to grind through games from month to month. Now you can order specialized in-game training from professional eSports coaches who will guide you down the path of better optimized play.