Rocket League Boosting Services by Pro Players

With the available Rocket League Boosting services in our marketplace, one can achieve the level that is only dreamt about. The boosters are ever ready to offer a 70% win rate, and by that, they mean serious business. Boosts are necessary in every game and every gamer needs it to progress to a stage to play with the big names. This will itself challenge the players into taking part in substantial challenges which will enable them to have an impressive rating.

Rocket League boosting services

What Rocket League Boosts Are Available?

Placement Matches

The Solo Queue option will guarantee a player with at least a minimum of 70% win rate for all the placement matches. The other option is the Duo Queue which will enable the player to play with one of the best and finest boosters. If a 70% win is not offered, then the player will be compensated with Net Wins or Rank Boosts. So, it’s a complete win-win situation for the player. After the order is placed by the respected player, the boosters will only need a couple of hours to complete the order.

Rank Boosting

Dreaming of that perfect rank? Get to your desired rank with the Rocket League Boost, including the Grand Champion as well. This boost is also available in PS4 and XBOX for the same price. The boosters are all professional players with Grand Champion rank, so there is no worry that your boost will be a failure. Also, it is important to know that the Rocket League Boost do not use hacks, cheats or robots for these wins and rely fully on professional players aimed at bringing you that rank that you so want within a short time.

Seasonal Reward Boosting

The thing with Rocket League is that, the ranking system is completely changed and has thus offered everyone a fair chance to win the seasonal rewards that they give out. Buying the Rocket League Seasonal Reward Boosting will ensure that the booster will win at least 10 games at any rank. This will provide the gateway for receiving that Seasonal Reward. This action will not only win the player rewards but it will increase the rank and level as well. An additional option is also available where a player can chat and interact with the booster as well.

Why Choose The Fragrr Marketplace?

Rocket League Boosts are worth trying out because it is an investment with low costs and high outcome. A player will not regret having a look at these boosts, our marketplace offers professional and verified pro players.

How does it work?

It’s simple. Pick a Rocket League boost you like, order it and wait for delivery – That’s it!

Can I sell my own Rocket League boosts in the marketplace?

Yes! If you want to sell your own boosts on our marketplace, simply register an account with us here at Fragrr and list it for sale.

Do I have to share my account to boosters?

Complete safety is promised to buyers. Many sellers offer screen sharing options if you for some reason don’t feel comfortable sharing your account.