League of Legends Boosting Services by Pro Players

A boost is what everyone needs every once in a while. With the LoL Boosting services, a player can get to any desired division, you name it. Players can get to the Challenger Division with the League of Legends boosts available in our marketplace.

League of Legends Carries & Boosts for sale

What’s LoL Boosting/Power Leveling?

We connect you with professional gamers who will sell you their boosting services getting you to any level you desire. You will easily get to the Challenger Division without months of gaming. Our professional sellers will sell you their power leveling services and will sign into your account and will play the game for you. This maximizes your gaming experience and removes all the pressure and hassles associated with grinding. Don’t worry either. Our professional sellers have been tested and reviewed by administrators so you will not be scammed or ripped off.

What Boosts Are Available?

Champion Mastery

It is exactly what the title suggests! The boosters at Fragrr will help you achieve the desired level of Champion Mastery. All you have to do as a player is to sit back and wait, or watch the on- going game and be a spectator to your own game as you go up the levels. Once the order is made, the booster will get right onto it and start leveling you up right away!

ELO Boosts

If you are getting trouble getting out of your current Elo, there is a solution to getting out of there. With the Elo Boosting, one of the boosters can help you get out of that situation. There is an option called Duo Queue where the player (you) can familiarize yourself with the game while playing with the booster while the booster does the job of climbing out of your current Elo.

ELO Wins

The boosters at Fragrr have a high win rate which can be helpful in giving you a high win rate. With this boost, the booster can help you win any number of games that you desire, and with the high win rate of the booster, you can achieve your high win rate at no time. Players are free to chat with their booster from the ‘Members Arena’ section as well.

ELO Placements

The thing with placement matches is the fact that other players can be a reason for your lousy percentage of your games. If you feel like you need a change because it can place you in a deep division, the Elo Placement Matches can put you with a booster that can guarantee a minimum of 70% of win rate percentage. If that percentage is not made, then fret not, you will be compensated with a rank boost.

Power Leveling

This is the most classic of all boosts. A booster will be assigned to help you achieve the desired level in your desired time frame without hassle. The booster will be sure to get the work done. It is guaranteed that no cheats or bots are involved in this, just old-fashioned gaming skills.

Why Choose Fragrr?

Every player envisions themselves standing among the best of the best, and with these boost, one can say goodbye to those dreams while making them a reality. Besides the LoL boosts, if one is interested in boosting their skills and is interested in learning the trades and skills to a successful gaming, then one of the boosters can coach the players in achieving just that as well.

Sell your own power leveling services

If you are interested in selling boosting services we would love to connect you with a secure and encrypted marketplace that allows you to sell your League of Legends boosting service to gamers online. If you are interested in selling boosting services be sure to sign up to the Fragrr Marketplace right now. It is completely free to join and the Fragrr Marketplace connects you with a private and secure area to turn a profit for your gaming abilities. Be sure to sign up and talk to a Fragrr administrator today to get the process started. This is a real way to generate an income from gaming and a secure anonymous to maximize your gaming skill levels.

How does it work?

It’s simple. Pick an LoL boost you like, order it and wait for delivery – That’s it!

Can I sell my LoL boosts in the marketplace?

Yes! If you want to sell your boosts on our marketplace, register an account with us here at Fragrr and list it for sale.

Do I have to share my account with boosters?

Complete safety is promised to buyers. Many sellers offer screen sharing options if you for some reason don’t feel comfortable sharing your account. You can also purchase Smurf accounts for LoL to keep an extra.

At the Fragrr Marketplace, we connect professional gamers with buyers, and we give you the convenience of getting ahead in the major games being offered. If you wish to have more fun and minimize the stress associated with grinding, then now is the time to join this marketplace to buy or sell League Of Legends power leveling/boosting services. Be one of the first to join the marketplace and become a top gamer with our services now!