HearthStone Boosting Services by Pro Players

Every once in a while, a gamer needs a fresh approach to gaming and often at these times, players may find themselves in a quick sand situation. At times like these, boosts are essential to get through those situations. Hearthstone boosting services help with ranks and whatever that is in between to help a player win games in general.

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What Hearthstone Boosts Are Available?

At Fragrr, the best players are available in the marketplace to provide the following Hearthstone boosts:

Rank Boosts

The Rank boost can boost your hearthstone rank in both wild and standard mode. A player can be able to observe the boost during the game absolutely free of cost, but from an alternate account. The order of the status can be viewed from the ‘Members Area’.

Arena Boosts

If you are one of those players who dreams of possessing the 12 wins key, the boosters in Fragrr working in arena can help you achieve those. A player can be a spectator while the booster is at work, as this can help a player learn in the process as well. The packs that are won in the arena will be left for you, the player to open winning dust and gold during the process.

Golden Hero

To win a golden hero, a player must have at least 500 wins. A booster from Fragrr can help with the farming of wins which will enable you to finally achieve the golden shiny heroes! In order for the win farming to be performed by the booster, the player must be in the low rank of around 20. If you are wondering, no illegal means are used and only real players act as boosters.

Heroic Adventures

A booster from Fragrr will build a deck for each boss in heroic mode if you are having trouble defeating the boss in heroic modes. The bosses from One Night in Karazhan, Blackrock Mountain, Naxxramus and League of Explorers can each be defeated by a deck of cards all prepared especially for them by the booster assigned to the task.

Why Choose Fragrr?

We only accept the best of the best Hearthstone boosters available. We have a vetting process for a reason; to keep a high quality of sellers. Our marketplace offers pro players that are verified and trusted as well as a payment escrow system.

How does it work?

It’s simple. Pick a Hearthstone boost you like, order it and wait for delivery – That’s it!

Can a booster help me with the Puzzle Lab?

The Doomsday Project Puzzle Lab can be solved by one of the boosters available in Fragrr marketplace. The challenges can be all solved by the booster and after they are done, there will be a cardback waiting for you.

Do I have to share my account to boosters?

Complete safety is promised to buyers, however if a player is not comfortable with sharing accounts, there is a ‘Skype Screenshare’ option available. For this rank boost, a player must possess a decent card collection.