Dota 2 Boosting Services for Sale

Looking for Dota 2 boosting services? Dota 2 has taken the world by storm and it is no surprise that being able to achieve the top rank can mean celebrity status in the gaming world. Having said that, the competition is staggering beyond comprehension and if you are one of the Dota 2 gamers, then you would understand the importance of boosts. Boosts are needed to get that extra oomph onto your gaming ratings and you have arrived just in the right place for getting those boosts.

Dota 2 MMR boosts

What’s Dota 2 Boosts?

Dota 2 boosts can be anything from MMR to match boosting. Read more about the different types of boosting services available for Dota 2.

Calibration Matches Boosts

These matches are very important for your overall rank. Not getting the right matches can mean that you will end up at the very bottom of the ladder. Fragrr offers Calibration Matches Boosts, which means that the matches are calibrated for a 70% chance of wins. This rate of win will surely boost your status as a gamer and will also increase your win rates as well. This will be possible if you opt for the Solo Queue option.

Low Priority

If you do find yourself in a low priority game, it can somehow be disheartening to continue with the game as the games are not challenging enough. If you are feeling that or if you simply don’t want to go through the trouble of working your way up to unlocking challenges, then the Dota 2 Low Priority is the right boost for you as experienced and highly professional boosters are assigned for these tasks. The boosters will play the game and unlock the ranked play for you taking less time as possible.

MMR Boosts

Being a part of the wrong team can mean trouble for your rating and no matter how excellent your play is, the team will pose as a problem for you. With the Dota 2 MMR boost, the booster will raise your Dota MMR to your desired level. If you order this boost, you will be granted access to the ‘Members Area’ where you would be able to see your booster in action while being able to chat with your respective booster as well.

Why Choose Fragrr?

Our Fortnite boosters in the marketplace have all been through our extensive vetting process to make sure they’re up to the high standard we hold here at Fragrr. We check things such as customer support, delivery speed, quality of the boost and much more to ensure you get the best Fortnite players to boost for you.

How does it work?

With the Duo Queue, a player can chat and interact with the booster while the Squad Queue will enable the player to take part in the game with an experienced group of players.

Can I learn from my booster?

If you are interested in not only the 70% win rate but interested in learning from your booster as well, then you have the option of Duo Queue in which you will be able to chat and interact with the booster while learning how to play and win the game as well. In case you are not presented with the percentage of win as requested, you will be compensated with an alternate boost.