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Rocket League is one of the most exciting video games of all times. It has been developed and published by Psyonix. It was released for Windows and PlayStation 4 in July 2015. In Feb 2016 it was released for Xbox One and in Sep 2016 for macOS and Linux.

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What is Rocket League all about?

Looking at the gameplay, it is a soccer game but is played with rocket-powered vehicles instead of people in the field. These vehicles are supposed to hit the ball to goal and get points in the match.

Now, these rocket-powered vehicles come with various features. The player can jump their cars in the mid-air to hit the ball. These cars include a speed boost to jump off the marked areas on the field.

This enables them to go across the field quickly with increased momentum. This added momentum helps to hit the ball into the goal or crash the opponent’s car. The crashed cars respawn after a few moments.

Another interesting move is dodge. The cars can make a small jump and spin in another direction instantly. It makes easier to nudge the ball as well as get an advantaged position.


Rocket League can be played by two to eight players in one-on-one or four-on-four team. It can also be played in a single mode in which the other player is a computer controlled vehicle.

The match is usually five minutes long and the game can be casual or ranked as per the mode chosen by players. Another game mode, competitive ranked, is played online within game seasons where players fight in different tiered ranks. This leads to raising or lowering the player’s rank in case of victories and losses respectively.

Game modes and updates:

Rocket League has brought various updates on game modes for its players from time to time. The core rules can be modified by the players in these new updates. Some of the most attractive game modes include ‘mutator’ in which the gravity, size, speed and bounciness of the ball can be modified.

Another mode, ‘Ice-hockey’ features the game on an ice rink with soccer ball replaced with a hockey puck. In ‘Hoops’ mode, the game is based on basketball matches with a basketball that has to be bucketed.

The ‘Rumble’ mode includes some unique features such as ability to freeze the ball and causing problems for some other player in controlling his car. In ‘Dropshot’ mode, the match takes place on hexagonal tiles instead of field with an electrified ball. As the ball hits the tiles, they are excluded and points are scored.

The team who scores gets back the normal floor. Therefore, these modes and updates have made Rocket League quite a fascinating game with more than 400 million player base at the start of 2019.

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