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S25 Bronze DPS under 500 | 30+ Lootboxes | Smurf Account

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S25 Master tank account | 3525sr Tank 25 | LVL 269 | 2 golden guns + 1371 CP

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To master Overwatch you need to reach the latest season of Golden Guns galore. Instead of investing so much effort, time and money, it is better to buy Overwatch smurf accounts that are already into Golden Guns galore. Overwatch is all about making the right strategies to control your heroes, fulfilling the objectives, and achieving victory by taking down enemies. But, all of this is not just enough.

Smurf accounts for Overwatch

Overwatch is one of the adventurous video games of all times. It was released in May 2016 by Blizzard Entertainment. Currently, it has more than 40 million player base.

Overwatch is successfully taking over the gamer base of other well-known games. It has also made into the category of E-sport by entering into numerous professional leagues such as Overwatch League by Blizzard, Overwatch Atlantic showdown by ESL, Overwatch Open by ELEAGUE and many more.

Benefits of Ranked Overwatch Accounts

If you are a smart player, you do not need to buy these loot boxes. Instead, it is better to invest the same money in getting a running account which has a lot of loot boxes gathered up and many levels crossed. It will help you match the pace of top Overwatch players efficiently. As mentioned, not only the higher levels but you can step directly into the Golden Guns galore by purchasing an Overwatch account that has already reached there.

High Rank Level from the start

As it is never too late to start any new thing, you do not need to worry about starting from the beginning. If you are a regular gamer, you will understand the basics very quickly. If not, starting with an already running account can help as it has more things and items to offer which helps you level up quick and easy.

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If you are an avid player you will surely have a number of Overwatch accounts running. As you are a pro gamer, it is not a difficult task for you to collect a lot of loot boxes and cross many levels in a single day. For a beginner, that’s difficult.

That is why they are looking for the accounts which already have numerous resources and top levels.

Also, it won’t be difficult for you to create custom accounts. There might be some buyers looking for a professional and experienced gamers who can provide them with the custom account. While you are waiting for a new update, you can make one for them.

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Overwatch Gameplay

The games in Overwatch are based in different locations around the world. Each game has a specific map with various objectives and features. These objectives must be fulfilled to win the game. Despite of different maps, some objectives are generally inclusive in each of them. These are Assault, Escort, Capture the Flag, Control, Deathmatch, Elimination and Team Deathmatch.

Game modes:

Many different game modes are offered which include Practice Range, Quick Play, Custom Game, Arcade and Competitive Play. Each comes with different set of rules and objectives.

Teams heroes:

The players are teamed up in 1v1, 3v3, 4v4 or 6v6 as per number of players in the game. Each player has to choose one out of the 30 heroes being offered by Overwatch currently. These heroes are then used tactfully to win the game and earn rewards.


At the end of each game, you level up, unlock many customization offers, and earn loot boxes and a lot more. These loot boxes help you in getting in-game resources such as cosmetic items. These can also be purchased with real currency.