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Account with 91 SKINS | MAIL ACCESS (PC)

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  • Platform: PC
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Fortnite player character

Account with 74 SKINS | MAIL ACCESS (PS4)

  • Delivery time: 24 hours
  • Seller Rating: 4.8/5
  • Platform: PlayStation 4
  • Info: 74 rare skins
  • Price: $59.90 per account

Fortnite currently has more than 130 million player base. Some would be the beginners, while others the pro-gamers who have a number of accounts running with high ranks. Fragrr has brought the opportunity for both. With Fragrr, you can buy Fortnite accounts from our verified and trusted marketplace sellers!

Fortnite Accounts for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Fragrr is an online platform with years of experience. We know best how to deal with our users. Apart from this, the interesting fact is that Fragrr is a player-to-player platform. You will be interacting with the people interested in buying or selling Fortnite accounts. As for buyers, we have a lot of Fortnite accounts for sale from our verified sellers.

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You do not need to worry about the scams or frauds. Fragrr is a secure platform where your accounts are safe. Not only accounts but the payments are easy and secure as well.

Our sellers maintain an online profile through which you can assess them. Each buyer shares his experience in form of rating and review. You can through a seller profile to get to know what he offers and how he deals.

If you see positive views all around, you are good to go with that seller. If not, there are million others with millions of Fortnite accounts. You will definitely find the one that fits your requirements and satisfies you.

After all, it’s good to spend little bucks and get an already running account than to start from scratch. Players and pro-gamers are quite ahead in the game and you are just a step away to be one of them. Sign up now and buy the best Fortnite accounts at Fragrr.

Available Fortnite Heroes

Four heroes are offered in Fortnite. Each player and account has to select one out of the characters which will be their hero throughout the game. These are:


Soldiers are all-rounders. They fulfill many roles in the game. They have four unique abilities which include Frag Grenade, Shockwave, War Cry and Goin’ Commando.


As the name suggests, they are best at building forts. They have a unique set of abilities including bases, decoy, bull rush and plasma pulse.


Ninjas are the ideal fighters and warriors who excel in escaping and jumping. Their set of unique skills include crescent kick, smoke bombs, throwing stars and dragon slash.


Outlander are good to go when you are in creative mode as they focus more on exploration and creativity rather than fighting. They possess master abilities of Shock tower, Teddy and Phase shift.

So, these are the four heroes available for Fortnite accounts. But, to win the game and be the last one standing in Battle Royale, you need to purchase the highest ranked Fortnite accounts available on PS4, Xbox One or PC.

Sell Your Fortnite Accounts

Fragrr is a healthy platform not only for buyers but for sellers alike. If you are an esport expert or a pro Fortnite gamer, you must have many accounts in store or running. It’s time to trade.

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Fortnite Gameplay

Fortnite comes with a very interesting gameplay. It features three modes: Save the World, Battle Royale and Creative. Each mode has its different features.

Save the World

This is a shooter survival game. In this mode, players fight with zombie-like creatures, known as husks in Fortnite, to defend their objects which are needed to build fortifications.

Battle Royale

In Battle Royale, 100 players fight against each other to find as many resources as they can. These resources include weapons, cosmetic items, vehicles and many more stuff require to defend fortifications. The last player standing in the game is the winner.

Fortnite Creative

In this mode, Fortnite allows you to modify the game as per your choice. Players can be completely creative with forts, battle arenas, challenges and everything else on the island.