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As there are millions of concurrent players in Black Desert Online, it will be hard getting in the same lane. As a beginner you need to invest a lot of time and efforts to combat the master players. And for that, you need to level up quickly. At least a level of 50 is a must to start pacing with master and expert gamers of BDO. But you do not have to worry when a beneficial platform like Fragrr is there. We have cheap BDO accounts in store for you from professional gamers and experts.

Black Desert Online (BDO) is one of the best MMORPG video games of all the time and is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. It has been developed by Pearl Abyss, a Korean video game developer. Its initial release was in 2015 and over time, it has been released in various parts of the world due to growing number of players and enthusiasts.

BDO is a sand-box oriented multiplayer game which is centered at an open world of castle sieges and much more. It has the most intricate and beautiful collection of characters in the MMO industry. The outstanding graphics of BDO have added more to MMO visuals and are goals for every new game developer.

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All of these activities and missions require special skills and tricks to survive in the game. You surely want to put your hands on this most exciting and adventurous game. However, you need to buckle up as it needs a lot of effort.

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Account Features

As BDO provides the players an opportunity to explore an open and free world, it requires a lot of consistency. Therefore, you need to buy an account with a minimum of 50 levels done. Then, you will be having some best equipment right under your grip. Also, you will be having complete access to Azwell weapons and Gunrill armor to attack enemies and monsters to save your houses and mounts.

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Black Desert Online has a lot more to explore and discover even after level 50 or you can say that the real fun starts there. Anxious to get there? Get a Black Desert Online account at Fragrr from some of our most experienced and professional gamers.

High Level & Rank

With the level 50, you will come across open world PvP where anybody can be attacked any moment. However, the criminals cannot have an easy escape as is the case in other games. In fact, the Karma system of BDO will hold them by their necks. Also, the guard NPCs in certain towns and cities will be searching for them. Once found, they will be attacked on sight.

Silver in the Bank

Moreover, there will be quite some money already gathered to enhance your items and make the game more exciting. As many of the Black Spirit quests are already done, you will have in your hand a great experience.

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Black Desert Online Gameplay

The gameplay in Black Desert Online involves a great number of sandbox aspects. It is an action-based game which requires attacking, fighting, dodging and blocking enemies vigorously. The game is a whole new world offering various works such as housing, farming, trading and fishing, all that is required to live a real life. Also, there are various Player versus Player (PvP) attacks and sieges, as well as battles over castles.

The changing weather of the BDO world such as typhoons and fog greatly influence the game, hindering the progress of players. The changing time, such as day and night come with various opportunities and losses. Players have to build up their houses to survive and hide from monsters.

The equipment and furnishing material are all available in the in-game store. An efficient combat system is required as in all other MMOs to live through the grind. Also, players are supposed to tame and breed mounts who can be killed by enemies and monsters and need special care. The mounting system is quite complex and deep, which needs special training.