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The Fragrr Marketplace features tons of sellers with everything from cheap accounts to smurf and modded accounts for sale.

game accounts for sale

What’s Smurf/Modded Accounts?

Smurf accounts are just another name for an account that a player uses as a secondary account and is common in RTS and MMORPG games. This allows gamers to play on a “ghost account,” so they can do things they wouldn’t do on their main account.
Modded accounts are just what it sounds like; a pre-modded account. This is popular in First Person Shooter games. These accounts come pre-modded with high rank, tons of money, all unlocks and much more.

Account Features

As we mentioned earlier, features depends on the type account, however there are some typical features with game accounts. Mainly it’s the fact that accounts sold here are already had a previous owned. This means the account is previously played on so they have higher levels and such.

In-Game Currency

Many second hand gaming accounts from our sellers come with tons of in-game currency in the inventory. Buying a second hand account has tons of pros and no cons.

High Level

Most of the game accounts available for sale in our marketplace come with high XP, rank or level. This saves you a ton of time from grinding for hours, just start right at a high (or top) level!

Rare Items

Need to get through tedious tasks in order to unlock items in-game? Don’t worry, many accounts in our marketplace has everything pre-unlocked, saving you a lot of time.

Why Choose Fragrr?

Our game account sellers have been vetted and tested to make sure they are up to our premium standard. The sellers in our marketplace also offer instant game account delivery 24/7, that way you don’t need to wait. Fragrr verify each seller and test accounts from their inventory in order to make sure they have what they offer for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Find a seller you like in the marketplace and purchase an account from them. They will deliver it as soon as possible.

Can I sell my own accounts on the marketplace?

Yes! If you want to sell your own game accounts on our marketplace, simply register an account with us here at Fragrr and list your account for sale instantly.

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